How much cold and and hot pigeons can resist ?

what i have to do for them in winter
what i have to grant them in their food to keep them warm contained by winter ?

within a dovecote or a loft
I will tell you what sort of accommodations I have for my racing homers and what I nurture them. It has worked for me for almost 50 years.

I have a loft to be precise divided into compartments that are 4' w X 5'4" d 6'6"t. In the breeding lofts there are nest boxes that are 24" X 24" X 24". Every pair has perch and two places to nest in their nest box. (almost like a apartment) The floor is ply wood but the entire front of the loft is 1/2" X 1" welded flex. I leave this open year round. We live in agricultural zone 6. I conjecture that means the temps go down to -10 degrees F contained by the winter. I haven't had a sick pigeon in years.

I feed my bird a prepared pellet mix. It is made by Puregrain
Feeds. Any mixed pigeon grains will work. Also there are Pigeon pellets available. The massively best ones are made by Purina. They look like little brown pebbles. You can also feed laying pellet for poultry. It will make them want to breed because of their protein content. I also make grit available to my birds 24/7/365. I don't feed additional vitamins and I don't pre treat for any disease. Four times a year I dose my birds with a product called Virkon-S. It is a disinfectant that kills adjectives known pathogens in pigeons. It will not cure a disease but is a preventative.

Pigeons are a very hardy bird. They can live perched on the top of a sign and live up within year round. They can stand temps below zero and well above 100 degrees.
One year I be gone on vacation. The bird sitter was supposed to throw eggs out to align the breeders. When we got domestic I found a pair of babies that were only three or four days ripened. The night that they hatched out and the next hours of darkness also it got down to -22F. There was no heat within the loft. I also had the front wide open as described above. Being that they be already hatched out I let them raise the babies.

As long as you hand over them good clean water and a plausible ration of food they will do fine. Don't over feed them as this will cause them to become lazy and sick. Show me a pigeon loft near food on the floor and left over in the feeder and I will point out sick birds. EVERY TIME!

Answers:    Well there are pigeon fanciers in both California and Alaska. So they can stand a good bit of grill and cold. In the summer, ventilation is important as well as a fixed supply of cool water. In the winter, you'll need to modify your feed a touch, or at least feed them a little more so they can hold up their body heat. Also if your loft/cage is wire on more than one side, you'll want to cover 3/4 sides beside plastic or something to keep cold drafts out. Ventilation is always important near pigeons as they make a lot of feather dust. But those drafts is what get them in the winter time. Pigeons love love love raw peanuts. It'll fatten them up, as well as black grease sunflower seed and safflower. A little more corn helps too. Pellet feed is a really natural way to add some fat to your birds. It may give somebody a lift a while for them to get used to eating the pellets, but once they do, they normally love them. Grain will always be a first choice, but they take what they can get. Purina Pigeon Checkers is flawless if you can find it. It's got the complete diet, along next to added vitamins/minerals. If not, you may be able to get some chicken pellets to donate to your feed.
Keep the loft clean and don't leave additional food sitting in there. It gives it more of a randomness to get contaminated and attract unwanted mice/rats that can spread disease and harm your birds. Scrape the loft out as often as you can. That along near keeping fresh food and water, helps a lot within keeping birds healthy. It's not so much the cold that gets the birds as it is the moisture and droppings. Moisture allows bacteria to grow more confidently, and droppings is the biggest way of spreading things around. All the cold really does is weaken the bird's defenses against disease, because it takes spirit to stay warm.
Really as long as your birds have been external long enough to moult into proper feathering for the weather, they should be just fine :)

Good luck,
I bet whether you intered in the computer..'How to care for pigeons" you might get some information.
pigeons live in adjectives different types of climates in the wild. they are very robust birds and just need shelter from the weather and good nutritious food.
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