Cat owners...Would your cat remember you?

I know for sure my cat (domestic) would remember me. I left for only a week to walk on vacation, he was mad at me when I get back, but after about an hour after being domestic, he was ok with me and wouldn't leave my side.
That video footage other moves me to tears.. I have been away from my cats for some time presently and can't wait to be reunited and to see if they have missed me and remember me... it will be particularly interesting but I don't think animals ever forget...
Cats clearly remember "their" people after a vacation, and even after a longer separation. When I be in college, the family cats always treated me as a familiarized member of the household when I came home on break, even whether there might be months in between.

Although I have never individually had a reunion after a longer separation, I have heard tale of cats that were separated from their owners for years and reunited, sometimes even walking hundreds of miles to return home.

I do wonder sometimes how much they remember from kittenhood. I got my cats when they be 8 weeks old, and I wonder if they would recognize the children of the house where on earth they were born. The kids held and played with them for hours upon hours, and were vastly attached to them. Would the cats know them three years later? I don't know.

But as for their adult memories, certainly, those ride out.
Answers:    My cat other remember me.. She'll come home as soon as possible when I'm home or just nickname her name out...
yes my cats wait in the kitchen the whole time we are gone and whom ever feed them while we are gone says they seem disappointed when the door opens and its not me . and my 12 yr behind the times cat knows the whole family when strangers come to call in she hides but she greats family members and friends
Yes cat's remember you, whenever I've been away they've sulked for a few days.
Yet I was within hospital last year and when I came home both my cats and the dog wouldn't depart from me alone for several days! It's as if they knew I'd had no choice but to donate them.

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