Does my cat hold tapeworm?

i had my cat for a year now, and i've realize that theres these tiny grains of yellowish brownish rice looking things coming out of its fur, first and foremost around his "butt" area, at first i thought it was just dirt, so i humane of ignored it, until it kept happening, and i'm kind of worried because someone told me it might be tapeworm, i will get hold of the vet to check it out in the meantime but first i just need confirmation. & also will the "rice" looking things lay around the house affect my family health?

all answers appreciated, thankfulness.
your can has some Type of worm-could be tape or round worms--take it to a vet or buy a cat de-wormer at your foot because worms are transmittable to humans as well! Most cat and puppies are born with worm--passed on by the parent--it is common but it desires to be treated for the cats health
Tapeworms are white and solely come out of the "butt". They are grain/rice-size, however.

If these grains are yellowish/brownish, it is more likely to be lice or some other parasite on the skin.

I'd take your cat to the vet ASAP to catch this treated and ask the vet what you can do to rid your house of the parasite. I'd also completely clean out the litter boxes and bleach them out good, rinse them, let them dry completely previously adding new litter.
yeah, get it to a vet. Sounds like worms
One of the most common worms is roundworms. The best way to treat them is to get drug from a vet that is given orally (usually a plastic syringe). Two doses are required, 2-3 weeks apart. It costs $10 for 2 doses. Worms develop in stages. If you see the worms within the feces or in the anal area, these look like rice and are within the early stage of development. If the cat vomits spaghetti-like worms, these are the adult worms that mostly live within the digestive tract. Two doses are required to kill the first set of adults to prevent them from multiplying, and the second dose is to kill anymore adults that make maturity. I give the de-worming medicine to my cats nearly every 3 months as a preventive measure. They don't mind...supposedly the medicine taste like bananas.

Well, usually tapeworm does not come sour a cat. It's usually seen in its feces. It does not nouns normal, either way. Is it intricate for him to keep on weight and/or does he eat a great deal? If so, then he probably has a worm or parasite of some sort. Otherwise it's something else. Regardless, this is a serious problem and he needs to be see by a vet and then you can ask him/her if your family's health could be artificial.
Sounds like worms. They die once they come out and hit the air because they dry out so they can't hurt you but they are pretty gross. They can be transmitted thought fleas though so verbs and deflea your house thoroughly.
Answers:    well ive had cats all my duration im in my 40s now and those rice looking pieces actually come out of the cats colon they don't impair you just annoying to clean and look at you need to obtain a deworming shot called dronsit simple easy affordable and then acquire some advantage to lessen the fleas so there less of a luck that the worms will ever return again usually 1 shot is all it takes
yes i can relay by looking at yur cat!!
yes, take it to the vet to get de-wormed!!

they can get worms from fleas, and that can specifically affect your health, possibly give you worms as well
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