I'm moving to the United Kingdom contained by May or June of '09, and I'm taking my cat next to me, does he hold to budge to..?

Quarantine, and if so, for how many days?

He's old, approaching 12 or 13, and I'm afraid to take him if the quarantine is going to be for a lot of days.
Yes he will - its a 6 month mandatory quarantine time.
Until recently England has be rabies-free and has stopped rabies entering the country by requiring all incoming animals be quarantined for six months. The animal was vaccinate for rabies before being placed in quarantine. It take six months for rabies to manifest, so if they had rabies before the inoculation, it would show up before the six months was up.

The rules changed a few years ago and animals no longer have to step into quarantine. Instead, you prove the animal does not have rabies by vaccinating them, having a blood taster sent to a lab to show that the animal was vaccinated, waiting six months, and then bringing the animal to the UK. You are doing the "quarantine" yourself.

I own given you the link that should help you with oodles more questions you might have. You need to enjoy your cat microchipped, and the rabies vaccination has to be done a specified amount of time before entry into the United Kingdom.
Answers:    The standard quarantine term in the UK is six months, however if you bring your cat under the Pet Travel Scheme (pet passport) later you won't need to put him into quarantine. It takes around 7 months to obtain adjectives the necessary documentation to obtain a pet passport and you will need to do the following, surrounded by this order;

* Microchip your cat
* Vaccinate against rabies
* Have a blood sample taken approx. 30 days after the rabies vaccine and have it sent to an approved laboratory.
* Provided you find a positive test result confirming that your cat has sufficient antibodies against rabies, then 6 calendar months from the date of the assessment result, he can travel to the UK.
* He must be treated by a vet for parasites and worms within the 48 hours prior to travelling. The vet will also provide a health pass confirming that he is fit to travel.

DEFRA is the UK organisation which handles the Pet Travel Scheme. Their web site has adjectives the information regarding exactly what is involved with bringing a pet to the UK. The DEFRA staff are outstandingly helpful if you need to ask them for any additional advice.


All cats entering the UK must travel as cargo in the hold contained by an airline approved travel box, so be sure to book a place for your cat well ahead of your intended date of travel. (The hold is a temperature controlled nouns away from luggage). When I moved from the UK to Cyprus with my 17 year old cat she have to travel in the hold and my vet recommended against the use of sedatives. He explained that if near is any air turbulence during the flight, that she wouldn't be able to steady herself contained by her travel box, and sometimes cats can get injured because of this. Sedation also makes it more difficult for the cat to regulate their body temperature. My cat be fine with the travel and experienced no problems afterwards whatsoever.

This link has contact details for adjectives airlines so that you can check their pet travel policies.


Hope this helps.
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