Why does my kitten try and cover up her food similar to she covers her unwanted items contained by the litter box?

When she's done eating she smells her food scratches the tile around the food bowl like she's trying to cover it up beside litter or something.
I've owned cats before but I've never seen a cat do this. Could this correlate with the reality that she pees on my stuff in the closet?
That is her food and she wishes to make sure no one else get it that is why she tries to bury it.
She's trying to hide the left over food for a latter meal because she is afraid of going hungry. I adopted an abandoned cat who did this regularly during the 12 years he lived next to me despite having a continuous supply of food. It's not connected to the peeing in the closet. Cats walk outside of the litter box due to illness or stress. You should take her to the vet to rule out ailment (urinary tract infection). If that's not the problem, try Precious Cat Litter Attractant (sprinkle in the litter box). You can buy it at Pets Mart. It works very well.
she doesn' t similar to you
My 2 Older female cats do this.
In the wild solitary big cats will do this when they catch their food and want to keep hold of it hidden from other predators and to keep it cool.
As for peeing on stuff in your closet economically keep your closed door closed and don't leave clothes on the floor. The 2 things are not related.
it may be a territorial problem or she could be hiding something, or it may just be a moment or two game
i don't get how she can smell her food when she's done eating? if she's done there's no more food?...
mention this to your vet, he might have an answer
My puppy does the same point. We figured out she is just being a brat and doesn't close to her food and think covering up will get rid of it. She would drag blankets into her cage to cover it, even after consumption. Maybe pouring a little chicken broth over it would stop her from wanting to cover it, if not I don't know what to tell you.
shes probably a very glottnous kitten thinking your going to steal her food.

Usually a cat does that when they contemplate something smells foul.

As for the urination problem, I don't see how they are related, but I do know many cats do that. You should try not to keep valuable things on the floor, and try to preserve her out of your closet. Also make sure the litter box is always amazingly clean, as when it gets dirty/smelly cats will often progress elsewhere.
she don't like the food so she is trying to cover it up and she pees on you stuff cuz she is leaveing mark
Answers:    I used to wonder about this when I was younger until I literary about it in an article written about it.

Take a undomesticated cat like, a jaguar, tiger, etc. When they make a kill, they will guzzle their prey until they are full. In most cases, a tiger (or jaguar, or..) cannot eat all of their prey in one sitting. What they do is cover up their prey next to branches and leaves, so that other predators cannot find it and eat it. When that tiger (or blah blah) gets hungry again, they go put money on to where they hid their prey.

Because there is one ancestor where on earth all felines came from (I can't remember the name for the energy of me), the trait started somewhere and then continued on into today's felines.
Your cat is doing what her relatives and ancestors did, so if you see her pawing at her food dish close to she's in the litterbox, she's actually mimicking burying her food and hiding it so that other animals don't find it and eat it for her. A couple of my cats do this too and they'll use anything they can find. Even whether there's nothing about, I've seen their bowls mortal bumped around like they tried to cover it up with nothing. *L*

It is without fault normal :) Hope this helps

PS - As for the pee, that is any territorial marking or it is a litterbox issue, but that's a different story than what you are asking. :)
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