Help! My dog's hind legs suddenly don't work, and he's looking really desperate, what do I do?

My dog is a pekingnese/toy poodle mix and he's about 9 years old. He's overweight and slowly he's been losing the solidity. However, recently he's been having trouble beside his right hind leg. He'd act like its injured, but by the next couple days it would be fine. Then a week-month following it happens again.

Today. His hind legs completely don't work. He's dragging them around or he acts like he's drunk. His muscles on the side (sorta where on earth the kidneys would be?) feel very hard. His total bodies muscles can suddenly feel really hard and he'll be really uncomfortable and enjoy a hard time breathing.

Right now he's sleeping and snoring loudly. He seems okay immediately. But it does not seem okay. I'm taking him to the vet the earliest possible time this morning.

What is going on?
l hate to be the bearer of desperate news but one of the first signs of a seriously ill dog is its back legs collapse.It is more adjectives in dogs that have heart or kidney problems but it does not sound resembling ordinary arthritis but then l am only a vet nurse.At 9 your dog is not babyish anymore and his body is trying to tell you somethings so listen to it and go quick smart to the best vet you know and afterwards you will find out what is exactly wrong.You will get all sort of suggestions on this site but ultimately the specialist vet is the ONLY character who can now help this dog.If it was me l would hold gone to emergency or to the vet straight away.The reason you have not done this l suspect is that it might be doomed to failure news and you are scared not negligent as some ethnic group might say so bite the bullet,get to the vet and you never know it might be something quite simple close to a tick as when dogs get ticks the first thing that goes are the spinal column legs and laboured breathing.Good luck
I have that trouble with one for my dogs before... but mine was a touch older..

Im not sure what i could advise you but i really hope your dog get better.

Try searching for dog conditions there could be a lot of information on within about it.

The quicker you take her to the vets the better .

Good luck x
Answers:    This sounds like a serious problem. There is normally a vet available 24 hours. You have need of to take him in immediately.
Get off of your computer and take the dog to your vet. They can refer you to a canine orthopedic vet. What are you waiting for?
Maybe he is having strokes but most likely it is kidney related. I strongly recommend you take him to the vet as this can be deadly.

I had a peke-a-poo, same as your dog, she lived to 15 1/2 yrs. She had the same symptoms you are describing. I took her to the vet at the birth, she had had a stroke and was surrounded by kidney failure. It happened unbelievably fast.

appreciation so much for the update, very glad everything turned out ok!

Best of luck to both of you

hope this helped
Straight to the vet! Quick...What are you waiting for??
Long low dogs habitually get slipped discs. Sometimes they recover their legs.
You need to draw from the dog to vet now, there is as you know some thing seriously wrong. If the dog is in a minute dragging it's legs it may ne neurological. With the dog being the age it is I would be concerned that it's organs and muscles are shutting down. I am not trying to scare you but I have see this happen be for. So you really need to find a animal ER now. I am so sorry that your dog is sick, it kill us when our pet's get sick mine are like my kids. Good luck and I hope every thing works out for you please preserve us posted.
could be arthritis dogs find it too and he is an older dog but take him in within morning call vet tell them you need him see asap for 2nite jus watch him if it gets worse your vet should be on hail as if not call vets within phone book till you find one that is
Possible stroke or a slipped spinal disc. It is likely your regular vet won't know how to do much and will refer you to a veterinary neurology specialist. They'll be able to give you a better diagnosis and treatment options. Do know that this can carry really, really expensive really fast, like $2,000 to diagnose and treat a slipped disc.

Much as I hate to utter it, you might want to think about how much you're actually inclined to spend and have to spend before you get to the vet's bureau and be prepared to make some hard decisions whether you don't have that kind of money. I have see some amazing results of surgery for dogs with slipped discs, but I've also seen the risks of surgery, especially for an elder dog, so do think carefully.

Best of luck to you and your poor puppy.
sorry to hear that go to the vet ASAP :(poor newborn! hope it gets better keep us posted
ask your vet if he might have arthritis ...but that is newly a guess.


maybe he is allergic to something?

no, thats really stupid. not quite certain but i hope everything works out!
keep us posted.


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