How do I divide Frontline Plus between 4 dogs?

I have 4 dogs and was told that to save money (which everyone can relate) buy a roomy dose of Frontline Plus and divide it according to my dogs weight. How would I do that? I bought the 44lbs to 88lbs dose. The weight of my dogs are 30lbs, 17.6lbs, 15.8lbs and 6.2lbs. In each dose near is 2.68mL. Can someone help me to figure this out? And please don't bother telling me that for larger dogs it's more concentrated motive it's not. It's the same amount whether it's a small dog or a large dog...just more medication. I've already checked. I a moment ago need help with the math. Thanks.
1-22lbs - .67ml
22-45lbs - 1.34 ml
45-88lbs - 2.68 ml
88-132lbs 4.02 ml

Perfectly safe. Go for it.

While I'm at it, cats get hold of .5 ml of the same stuff

You may be saving money, but inadvertently you may end up harm your dogs.

The package of frontline clearly outlines to proper dosage based on weight. Please give somebody a lift the time to read the package and dispense the drug properly according to the manufacturers directions.

If you bought a large single dose of Frontline, later you are walking a thin, irresponsible line into potentially harming your own dogs. That's a fool's play and surrounded by the end you might end up paying a huge price for that.

Would you do that to yourself?
You have need of to call your vet and ask the proper dosage. The wrong dosage is VERY HARMFUL.

Who advised you to buy the wrong dose of Frontline to administer to your dogs?
Talk to your vet- they can tell you the appropriate amount for respectively and provide you with a teeny tiny syringe with which to measure it properly. The wrong dose can butcher, especially with small dogs, so please do not trust anyone on here who claims to know what they're talking about- phone your vet.
you need to ask your vet whether this ok. not all medication can be split as the medicine is not evenly distributed in the pill or chewable form. So it may be that the 2.68ml is sitting surrounded by a corner or on only one half of the pill and you'd have no passageway of knowing this...

edit: my bad, I was thinking of a heartguard type pill, Frontline is gooey form right? You should still speak with your vet who will be able to tell you what formula to use to integer out how many cc's by weight...
I can totally understand why you would do this. I struggle with money sometimes and have to do things to reclaim money.

But, any who. I would call the vet and ask them. They would be the best bet for you to get the correct answer.
Answers:    I would never do this. You can not know precisely how much you are putting on each dog.
Why didn't you buy the proper dosage for your different sized dogs? I'm certain that the vet didn't tell you this. Go back and get the proper dosage for respectively dog.
add up the weight of adjectives the dogs - it's under 88 lbs according to my estimate...good so far...

Divide each dog's solidity by the total weight of all the dogs.

Multiply by 100 (you will have four answers, adjectives under 100, this is the percentage of the 2.68 ml you have to give to respectively dog.

Multiply 2.68 by each of the four numbers (make sure you know which is for which dog).

Get a CC syringe to measure the amount for respectively dog. Each one will be about .7ml but more for the bigger and less for the smaller ones.

So between about I ml for the biggest and .5ml for the smallest...

Good luck. Don't find any in your eye, wash your hands ably afterwards, dispose of everything properly

I stopped using this stuff after I read how horrible it is for you and your pets - you pet them and it gets on you = toxic to their kidneys and liver, etc.

And once I split the dose between two cats, and it didn't work nearly as well - the fleas were subsidise in a month.

You requirement to go to you vet and get a CC syringe.
It IS possible to those who say its impossible to know the proper dose.
I own 9 dogs and this is how I treat.
I use the CC syringe and got the correct dose from the vet--Each dog gets what the VET said is risk-free. Nothing more--Nothing less.
Add: I don't know the dose for each..But I do know you'll need more than one tube to treat them adjectives.

I would also like to add that I would NOT use the doses that sheltermamma gave you. I know for a certainty that NONE of those doses are that of what i give my dogs. And my doses are VET approved.
If you do the math, the dose for Frontline is 0.03-0.05 mL/#. You will inevitability a small syringe to properly administer these amounts. 30# =0.9mL; 17.6# = 0.53 mL; 15.8# = 0.47 and 6.2# = 0.19mL.
OK here it the breakdown
30lbs= (a)1.16ml or 43% of the tube
17.6lbs= (a).69ml or 25% of the tube
15.8lbs=(a).62ml or 24% of the tube
6.2lbs=(a).24ml or 8% of the tube

Hope that helps!
The math is easy enough to do. What I want to know - how are you going to accurately measure out the portions of the 2.68 ml? That is a small volume...
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