How much do you tip your dog groomer ?

As a 40 year veteran groomer, my tips range from nought to about 20%. You can bet those 20% tippers will get my best effort, while those who bring contained by the cranky matted dogs and then complain about the price will find there's no room for them at busy holidays when they hail as the day before their 30 guests arrive at their home.

On average, groomers build only 50% of what is charged for the grooming service. So if the shop charges you $40, your groomer only make $20. The rest goes for shop overhead. Shampoo, equipment, sharpening of tools, electric bills, etc. etc. all eat into profit margins. Most shop owners groom as in good health because in most cases that "profit margin" isn't enough to pay them a gross! Most grooming fees are based on the average time spent on a given breed. If your dog is in bad condition, have fleas or ticks, needs a special bath or any additional service, nearby is often an extra charge.

Compared to what most hairdressers charge, grooming is a bargain when you consider what go into the process. Clipping, bathing, nail trimming, anal gland emptying, blow drying, hand scissoring, ear plucking, etc. Not to mention your entire dog get groomed, not just the head! Does your hairdresser do all that? (I didn't come up with so!) Add to that the fact that you are most likely already clean, you save your hair brushed, you see your hairdresser more than once or twice a year, you don't tangle with things approaching skunks, or roll in mud puddles, you're not likely to leap out of the chair mid trim, most expected you don't bite, and you certainly would never dream of piddling (or worse) while being worked on and you might begin to attain the idea that working with dogs is anything but easy. Almost adjectives clients tip their hairdresser. Isn't your dog's hairdresser worth the same consideration?
First, to the horribly impolite and ignorant people who say "they charge adequate as it is" - if you think it's so easy that it should be cheaper, TRY IT SOMETIME. It infuriates me when inhabitants expect a specialized service to be all but free. The skill and patience required to groom a dog is something very few relations have. I would think you all would meticulousness a little more about how you treat people who enjoy custody of your dog for several hours at a time. So rude.

Meanwhile, there is no set correct amount to tip. It depends on the type of grooming establishment (private salon, corporate salon, mobile groomer, vet bureau, etc.), the price of your groom, and the quality of the clip. For example, a wash and brush at Petsmart doesn't generally warrant matching tip as an elaborate hand-scissored clip at a premium salon. Mobile groomers deserve a little extra because they come to you, abiding you both time and gas, and driving those trucks is no easy feat!

Personally, the average small dog getting an average clip runs around $45. For that price and service, the average tip is about $5. I do own regulars that tip much more than that. And for a larger or more complicated dog, the tip should be larger than that. Tipping is a way to thank the groomer for a job well done, and groomers remember customers who tip and those who don't. Customers who tip all right and consistently typically end up getting preferential treatment over those who don't tip. And when it's Christmas Eve and your pure white Poodle decides to roll around in a mud puddle right in the past your relatives show up? You really, really want to be good friends with your groomer.

Give them a $5-$10 tip.

Charges $20 for doing my Pom. I tip her $5.

Charges $6 for cutting my evil Basset Hound's toe nails - I tip her $5.

Charges $5 for adjectives my Beagle's toenails - I tip her $5.

She great with my dogs and they're always happy when she get done with them. I consider the tip part of the grooming bill.

doglover - Does your dog give the groomer profusely of trouble? I used to have a Standard Schnauzer who was an absolute demon at the groomers. They charged "combat pay" for doing him. I tipped them, too, so I didn't enjoy to do the monster myself.
I do all of my own dogs' grooming. I wish someone would tip me :)
The woman who grooms my Standard Poodle does not own the shop. Therefore, I will tip her 20% of the bill. She does an excellent job every time my dog goes in. Believe me she is worth every cent!
Answers:    I don't! They charge enough as it is. Every time I take my dog in they see me coming! Her sisters style cost $36.00. My friends dog (same breed) was $45.00. Me - I get charged $63.00. This is all indistinguishable place, same breed, same haircut. I am NOT tipping for a dog's haircut!

4 hrs later: My dog is an 8 lb. Maltese whose style took a total of 1 1/2 hours. I think I was one of those rare ethnic group that got ripped off. And I was terribly disappointed with the discrepancy in the prices when it was adjectives the same breed and the same haircut.
Um, NOT! IF I take mine to a groomer, they charge plenty as it is!
whatever you feel like and whether the job done deserves one
I normally add on an extra $10 , I have be seeing the same groomer for years though and she does an amazing job.
20% rotten the total price.
Just like a waiter or waitress, 15% to 20% based on their service. The better the service the better the tip. And vice versa. General rule is no less than 10% unless the service is outrageous.
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