Is it ever to cold to tolerate a Labrador swim?

I was running through the park the other day, and saw a girl let her lab stale the leash to play fetch. He proceeded to bolt into a pond that was not quite frozen yet, but be likely very cold. The girl actually agree to him swim in there for a few minutes before dragging him out. I be just wondering if it's safe to permit them swim when it's getting close to freezing. (it was in the low 40s or so)
Im pretty sure its ok as long as you warm him up right after...and dry him off right. also its a good idea to heep him on a hrness and leash like I don`t know a if ur dog got too cold for some reason you can verbs him back incase he couldnt swim .always take percautions.and engender sure he doesnt go to far out,,,,but other than that labs are designed to be in the water.just generate sure its not abslutly freezin and u dry him off really well.even provide him some warm water not cold...
Well the Labrador was bred to work in cold water contained by Canada, which is why they have
1. A longish-short coat (as in, its short but not as short as a Boxer or a Doberman's coat.)

2. A thicker fat covering than most other dogs. Thats the reason they tend to put on weight easier than other dogs.

3. A somewhat oily coat.

If you want a dog to work within freezing conditions, a Newfoundland is a better choice than a Labrador, or a cross of these two breeds to get the good lab working skills. (I know you're not asking about a working dog, but for other people)

I wouldn't permit the dog stay in too long in freezing water. He should also be dried past its sell-by date when he comes out and kept moving.

Good luck!
Their coat is built to protect them from cold water. A short swim shouldn't hurt.
My Dads Hunting dogs would jump surrounded by a almost frozen lake for hours to retrieve for him.

They absolutely love it. We enjoy a lake on our property too that they play in, in the winter when it 25degrees external.

They are a hearty breed that never cease to amaze me! ;D

Answers:    Labs are bird dogs. They are bred to retrieve ducks out of the winter water after the hunter shoots the duck down. Thats why they love to swim, own gentle mouths, and have thick coats for the winter. If it be too cold, the dog wouldn't go in. I'd keep the dog absent from icy streams or rivers, though.
Their coat is designed to protect them from cold hose.
We used to have a retriever that would jump off the massive rime flows on the shore of the lake into the water in mid January when the warmth was about -20 F and he loved it.
Yes, it is..
Water can bring on hypothermia even in the hardiest of dogs.
The dog contained by your particular case was probably fine but extremes of cold & drizzly can get even to dangerous for Labradors.
Dogs also can get frostbitten toes.
Their coat is built to protect them from cold wet. A short swim shouldn't hurt. It dep. one the temp. of the water.
a short swim, not bad. they love it and hold protection and are meant for it unlike us. if you went swimming, in that might be a problem. but maybe 5 minutes then get them dried up, or agree to them run around and get warm. excersize is a necessity after all.
He should be fine, as long as he gets dried sour and toasty at home
Has anyone used the "bell" method for house training their dog?   Dogs playing contained by the snow??Is it okay or is it bleak for them?   What breed are in that puppys?   My own flesh and blood is thinking in the order of getting a fresh dog an own a donate to return with a lab/shepherd what do you regard.?