Does anyone know a correct substitute for fish food?

I ran out of fish food recently, and have not be able to go o the store. I need some food products available around the house that my fishies will drink. Thank you.
It depends on what kind of fish, but they all need specially formulated fish food. If they are tropical fish, close to African Cichlids, they can eat cucumber slices and lettuce. Worms are good too. BUT - Go get fish food!!
It depends what kind of fish, butr most will love it if you throw in a few peeled fresh or frozen peas, a few slices of zucchini, broccoli, lettuce leaves - they love veggies!

If you own fry in there, try adding a few drops of hard-boiled egg yolk mixed to a join in water.

Don't worry whether they do end up going up without food altogether for a day or two, they will survive freshly fine.

Newly born Daphnia or Artemia. But if your wanting a well brought-up selection go here
What are your fish?

Some will devour vegetabels. Others can chopped up fresh fish or shrimp from the freezer. Large carnivorous fish can eat earthworms and crickets.

Otherwise, they will be OK for up to a week without food.

get some food can supply it a bug or something but jeez get to the store..poor fish. And buy some bottom food its like a week feeder that you can have as subsidise up
Answers:    Just follow this simple rule:

You should feed all your fish 2-3 times a day as long as the food are self eaten within 5-7 minutes it is fine.


Try feeding the goldfish near small amount of food each time and feed them often as the intestine of the goldfish are slower within digestion as compare to other fish.



If the fish is herbivorous such as chinese algae eater,some species of catfish you can feed it with:

1.slice fruit
2.vegetable like pea
3.adjectives plant
5.algae tablet

If it is omnivorous like goldfish,most catfish and other you can feed it with

1.small live frozen food worm
4.small adjectives invertebrates like shrimp flake foods

If the fish is carnivorous like piranha,oscar and other you can feed it next to:

1.anything meaty try to cut out the fat before feed to the fish
2.alive or limp food frozen food like worm
4.pellet food.
7.fleshof any kinds.

If the fish is insectivorous like most tetra you can nurture it wth:

1.frozen aquatic invertebrates such as mosquito larvaes and bloodworm
2.meating items
3.flake food
4.brine shrimp


omnivorous(eat coral,brine shrimp,food flakes and others),

carnivorous(eat meaty food like chopped fish,mussel,shellfish and others),

herbivorous (eat plenty of green food,algae and others)

and some are insectivorous(eat insect like cricket and others).

Hope my answer do back you.

Once in a while you can feed it with some vitamins supplement to enhance its colour and growth.

Hope my answer do sustain you on your fish diet.

Good luck and have fun with your FISHES like I do :)
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