Hi , i have 3 chinchillas {a mother , with 2 big sons}. I feed them chinchilla foods but it give the impression of being like they don't like to eat it, So do anybody know what else can i nurture my chinchillas because they are hungry all the time and when they see me , they jump as if I'm going to grant them food but they don't eat the food which is in the cage. in truth they use the food as either a dust bowl or they poop in it.{smile} and i know i can't feed them lettuce or apples, carrot like how i feed my guinea pig. so can someone please help me. gratefulness.
They also need Timothy Hay. It may be that you are feeding them too much. Some websites speak they only need a tablespoon or so of food every other day. My chins put away more than this.

Believe me, if they get hungry, they will eat!

be careful near changing their diet. I use "Fiesta" for my chinchilla. I feed her once a night, and I cram her bowl, almost a quarter full, so for three chichillas I would fill it a little over partially every day (they will pick out and eat all the goodies first and walk off the pellets, but leave it in here until they finish their pellets). They love raisins...but they will make them fat if you impart them too many. My chinchilla loves shreaded wheat..like the Wheaties cereal. Also make certain they have and unlimited supply of Timothy hay.
Chinchillas need a fixed supply of normal food (chinchilla pellets) in their cage at adjectives times, for them to eat throughout the day. If they are hungry they can and will eat this. If they do not come across to be eating this, try mixing in some pellets of a different brand. Do not metamorphosis brands too abruptly, though.

Very importantly, they also need a constant supply of hay (a fresh handful respectively day).

In terms of treats, they really love raisins or sultanas, although be careful to give them just about 1 a day. Some like sunflower seed, and you can try sprinkling a very small handful of oatmeal in their food- they often approaching that. You can also buy chinchilla treats from a petstore, but these are often very expensive. Be careful never to nurture them too many treats or they will get runny stomachs.

Do not give them rabbit food, as this is unanimously bad for their stomachs.

The most important thing is to sort sure they have fresh food, hay and water respectively day; with this sustenance they should be fine.

A really good site to check out for minister to is www.cheekychinchillas.com.
i used to own a chinchilla and you should try feed it rabit food... i always did cuz i also had a rabitt but he still ate it
Answers:    Chinchillas should always be fed either Mazuri or Tradition chinchilla food. Things similar to guinea pig food lack the essential protein and vitamin C they need, and chinchilla food such as Kaytee or Charlie Chinchilla have too many artificial preservatives which can lead to diarrhea, upset stomach, and even death.
You should also nurture them timothy hay daily and always have a fresh supply equipped to them. Alfalfa should be given once weekly. Also, treats should only be given once a day if you must endow with them. Treats aren't essential to their diet, just a personal need us as humans own to give them. If you must give them, I suggest rosehips, unfrosted mini shredded wheats, or raisins.
Guinea pigs and chinchillas hold completely different stomachs, so it's not okay to feed them the same things.
As for the dust bath, you may want to switch brands whether they refuse to bathe in it and individual poop. Though chinchillas are rodents and constantly deficate, so if they are rolling in it and poop, no worries, it's natural. Just desolate it out and replace it with new dust bath. Also, not certain if you know, but dust baths should be given 3-4 times weekly depending on the humidity of your area. The dust bath house or bowl shouldn't be not here in their cage.
I reccomend either Blue Sparkle or Blue Cloud chinchilla dust tub. Blue Cloud is more expensive and for show quality chinchillas, so if they're not show quality, I reccomend Blue Sparkle, it works deeply well.
Also, just throwing this in, whether the males are over 8 weeks, they should be removed from the mother's cage. Chins don't know the meaning of incest and you may get some babies from the federation.
If you have any other questions, I'd be glad to answer them. I hope I help, just send me a message. Good luck!
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